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Catalinbread Calisto Chorus Vibrato Pedal

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The Catalinbread Callisto Chorus/Vibrato pedal uses an old school MN3007 Bucket Brigade chip to create a wide range of sounds from a subtle shimmer to a Leslie-like warble to an intense undersea wobble. Simple controls give you the full range of effects, the Density knob adjusts the delay time for rich thick chorus or an airy, ethereal effect. The Mix knob gives you the full range from completely dry to a completely effected, wet signal. The Width control lets you tune in the intensity of the chorus’ sweep, while the Rate control adjusts the speed of the effect, from slow and subtle to rapid, almost surreal intensity. The Catalinbread Callisto is designed around an MN3007 Bucket Brigade chip to get the authentic sound of the earliest chorus effects and uses an audiophile Burr Brown OPA2134 chip in the audio path for the natural dynamics you expect from an all-analog pedal. As with all Catalinbread effects, The Callisto uses the highest quality components, is wired for true bypass and can be powered with a 9v battery or any standard 9vDC power supply.

Catalinbread Callisto Features:

    • Width, Rate, Density and Mix Controls
    • MN3007 Bucket Brigade Chip for Analog Chorus
    • Burr Brown OPA2134 Chip for Natural Dynamics
    • True Bypass
    • 4.375” (11.11 cm) x 2.375” (6 cm) x 1.875” (4.76 cm)
    • Standard 9vDC or Battery Operation