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Caveman Audio BP1 Compact Preamp Pedal

SKU 20CVM000
Original price $ 599.99 - Original price $ 599.99
Original price
$ 599.99
$ 599.99 - $ 599.99
Current price $ 599.99

The core BP1 tone at half the size 

BP1 Compact crams the essence of Caveman's beloved BP1 Bass Preamp into a compact stompbox format and you get the core tone and extremely low noise level at a much smaller footprint – and price!

BP1 Compact and the original BP1 Bass Preamp sound very similar, yet each has a sonic flavour of its own. Which one you prefer comes down to taste and preference. They are distinct flavours of sonic greatness – and there is definitely a place for both. 

BP1 Compact adds that critical definition in the low-mid part of the sound, making your bass sit in the mix with ultimate definition and tons of dynamics.

  • 1/4″ Gold-plated Jack Cable Input
  • Gold-plated Neutrik XLR DI – transformer balanced
  • 1/4″ Jack Amp Out – transformer balanced
  • Adjustable Gain and Level
  • Loop (send/return) for patching stomp boxes
  • Tuner Output – always active
  • Mute function for silent tuning
  • Unique RFI protection