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Crazy Tube Circuits Motherload Distortion/Fuzz Pedal

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Motherload pays homage to the classic fuzz/distortion pedals that set the benchmark of saturated guitar sound. At the heart of this pedal you will find two distinct all analog circuits inspired by the Holy Grail of Muff and Rat designs. R's circuit goes from a touch of overdrive all the way up to full out saturated tones. The filter knob is there to ensure that you will smooth out high frequencies or cut through the mix when needed. M side is the classic fuzz distortion beast you would expect but with great string separation and rich in harmonics for almost infinite sustain. The tone knob is the classic muff style knob while the voice knob helps you cycle through the wide spectrum of muff design variations. 

Each circuit is independent from the other with its own EQ control(s) until... you hit the LINK EQ button. This is where all the magic happens! Now all the EQ controls are active in both circuits and a whole new sonic palette is revealed. 


M/R toggle switch: select between the Muff or Rat inspired circuits


gain: controls the amount of fuzz/distortion. The sound gets more saturated as you turn clockwise. volume: controls the output volume (1)


filter: control the brightness/harshness, the tone gets darker as you turn clockwise. Primarily active in the R circuit

tone: more treble and less bass as you turn clockwise, more bass and less treble as you turn counter-clockwise. Primarily active 

in the M circuit

voice: sweep through the voicings of all the different muff variations throughout the years, from mid scooped to balanced and from gritty and aggressive to smooth but with clear top end. Primarily active in the M circuit. 

LINK EQ push switch (2): Activate all three EQ controls in both circuits. When LINK EQ is disengaged filter control is only active in R circuit while tone and voice controls are only active in M circuit. 


(1) You may experience some difference in volume levels when switching from one circuit to the other. Other control settings may affect level differences

(2)Engaging LINK EQ may result in a slight volume boost for both circuits. 

Motherload features soft click true-bypass via a high-quality relay. Power supply: 9V DC center negative (- center, + ring). A high quality isolated and filtered power supply is recommended for best performance. Max current consumption 35mA @9V DC. Using a wrong polarity power supply or a power supply of 15V DC or higher will damage the unit and void warranty!