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Crowther Audio Hot Cake Overdrive Guitar Pedal Made in New Zealand V2

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Crowther Audio Hotcake PedalHand-made in New Zealand by Paul Crowther, the Hotcake is a boost/overdrive pedal designed to leave the undistorted component of the guitar sound unchanged while providing a nice fat distortion sound without resorting to a treble cut circuit which will also affect the guitars tonality.

Easy to use with its three controls you can get a clean volume boost by increasing the Level control, increasing the Drive will give you a thick distortion sound with a little bit of edge to it, and the Presence control adds some mid-range punch to the sounds.

This is the updated version of the Hot Cake, updated by Paul Crowther with a newer version of the "Bluesberry" setting dubbed "+Cream" and available to activate via a toggle switch as opposed to the older version with an internal switch. There's also an extended frequency "XLF" switch! Two slight changes that make the already incredible Hot Cake pedal even better!

The XLF setting is for Xtended Low Frequency for bass etc..

The +CREAM switch has a somewhat smoother overdrive sound, even more so than the previous internal Bluesberry setting.

The +CREAM setting has slightly less headroom, which means slightly more sustain but lower output level, so a small increase of the Level control setting may be required in this mode.

 **Please not that the Hot Cake does not include a battery.