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Demonic Machines God's Eye Overdrive/Boost/Distortion Pedal

SKU 20DMM007
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Introducing the culmination of Lucky’s relentless dedication and passion: the ultimate overdrive/clean boost/distortion pedal. From the moment they laid hands on a soldering iron, Lucky has been tirelessly striving to create a pedal that encapsulates the essence of perfect tone.

This remarkable God’s Eye seamlessly transitions between clean boost, overdrive, and distortion, catering to the diverse needs of guitarists and musicians alike. Experience a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities with the ability to effortlessly switch between these three distinct modes.

Equipped with thousands of clipping voices, the God’s Eye allows you to sculpt your tone with unparalleled precision. Whether you desire a smooth and transparent clean boost to enhance your existing sound, a warm and dynamic overdrive to add grit and character, or a powerful and aggressive distortion for searing leads and heavy riffs, this pedal has got you covered.

The inclusion of a versatile three-band EQ empowers you to finely shape your tone, ensuring that every note resonates with clarity and brilliance. Take control of your lows, mids, and highs to achieve the perfect balance that suits your musical style and preferences.

One of the standout features of the God’s Eye is the goddamn Mojo knob. This enigmatic control provides an extra touch of magic, allowing you to infuse your sound with a unique character and vibe. Turn it up to unlock a world of sonic wizardry and let your creativity soar.

To accommodate various setups and preferences, the Drive Pedal can operate at both 9 volts and 18 volts internally, providing flexibility in powering options while maintaining optimal performance.

Discover the pedal that has been meticulously crafted by Lucky, fueled by their unwavering pursuit of tonal perfection. Unleash your musical potential with the God’s Eye, where overdrive, clean boost, and distortion converge to elevate your sound to new heights.