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Eastwood Airline Jeff Senn Model One Baritone Guitar Sea Foam Green

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We’re excited to offer our latest collaboration with Jeff Senn Guitars! You asked for more options in Jeff Senn’s Model One design and the consensus was to offer a Baritone next. This is the first Baritone design for Jeff Senn Guitars and is exclusively available through this campaign. There is no hand built Model One Baritone, this is your only way to get one!

The Model One is an all original solid body electric guitar designed by Jeff Senn Guitars, Nashville, TN. It is intended for the player looking for something unique, yet classic while invoking the stylized lines of the future as perceived 50 years ago yet sounds like no other guitar. While inspired by vintage Harmony, Stratotone, and Teisco guitars it offers the modern player a flexibility in tone and reliability not found in those quirky instruments of past.