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Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Exotic Jazz Bass NOS Aged Natural

SKU 08FCS007
by Fender
Original price $ 6,000.00 - Original price $ 6,000.00
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$ 6,000.00
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Fender Custom Shop

A Creation Unlike Any Other

Over the years, we've worked with the Fender Custom Shop to create a wide assortment of amazing basses.  While most are steeped in vintage vibes, occasionally we like to branch out with modern features and exotic woods.  The goal is to cook up something entirely different.  We do it knowing that Custom Shop will knock it out of the park.  That's the case here, with this unbelievably cool Custom Classic Jazz Bass - it's a totally unique creation, and the only one ever made. 

The first thing that will catch anyone's attention is the body.  That's AAAA Flamed Koa, specifically chosen as highly figured per our request.  You don't see many Koa topped Jazz basses, and certainly not like this one.  We were thrilled with the grain on the piece selected.  Be sure to zoom in to see the fine details.  It doesn't stop there - that Koa top is on a Fiji Mahogany body (1 piece).  You can see that by viewing the photos of the back.  This wood is known for its warm tone and distinctive lower-mids. Its fine grain also provides mellow high-end and excellent sustain.  You'll still be able to get a punchy growl when needed, but it's also perfect for super smooth jazz playing, R&B, and reggae.

We wanted to do something "different" with the neck, so we went with one of our favorite things: a solid Rosewood neck.  The Custom Shop didn't even offer this on basses until a few years ago, and since they did, we've made that move a bunch of times.  However, for this one, we went with an African Blackwood fretboard to top it off.  A Rosewood neck is renowned for its noticeable low-end response and full-bodied midrange. Perfect for those who prefer a smooth, mellow tone.  The African Blackwood used for the fretboard provides a hardness and durability - it's one of the hardest and densest woods in the world.  Some would say it's the ultimate choice for power, clarity, punch and harmonic complexity.

The combination of woods gives this bass an exotic appeal, which is exactly what we wanted.  We couldn't be happier with what the Custom Shop chose.  But it's not all about looks - this bass plays and sounds amazing too!  It has a satin finish for smooth, fast playing, which is easy with the rolled edges (this makes a huge difference).  The compound radius provides a vintage feel in the first position and then flattens a bit as you progress up the fretboard.  For the neck shape, we went in a new direction, going with the Ultra Mod D carve, which is a slim, supremely comfortable carve that doesn't get too thick.  It's a modern touch, along with the 6105 (Narrow Tall) frets, that helps to make this bass something entirely different.....we weren't going for a vintage feel at all.

In terms of sound, this is a truly versatile bass.  We chose to do active electronics, to provide the ability to truly dial in your desired tone.  You can Boost or Cut the Bass, Treble and Mid, as well as blend between pickups, and control it all with a single Master Volume.  The Custom Shop Deluxe Jazz Bass pickups sound thick and powerful, but can also sizzle when needed.  We found them to be suitable for a variety of styles - so whether you're laying down slap lines with a funk bank, sitting back in a reggae groove, or getting heavy in a rock setting, this bass will handle it.

To keep up with the modern approach, we also chose to use the Custom Shop's RSD Deluxe bass bridge, which adds punch and sustain.  It's a Hi-Mass bridge constructed from a solid brass billet with threaded steel saddles.  We also went with lightweight modern Deluxe tuners.  The tortoise shell pickguard, knurled chrome P-bass style knobs and cream pickup covers are nice touches as well.  The bass comes with a Custom Shop Deluxe black case, certificate of authenticity, and a full setup.  

If you're wondering if you've ever seen a Jazz bass like this, you have not - this is a singular creation, the only one in existence.  It's truly special, and deserves a special home.  Come to Club Fender @ Truetone Music to experience it today, or order right here to be safely shipped to your home.

  • Serial # CZ551250
  • Weight: 9.6 lbs
  • Model# 9231012723
  • Finish Package: NOS
  • Color: Faded Aged Natural
  • Body: 1 Piece Fiji Mahogany - Sort for Lightweight
  • Top: AAAA Flame Koa - Highly Figured
  • Body Finish: WLS Satin
  • Body Note: Elite Contoured Neck Heel
  • Neck: Rosewood
  • Fretboard: African Blackwood
  • Neck Finish: WLS Satin
  • Note: Rolled Fretboard Edges
  • Neck Shape: Ultra Mod D 
  • Neck Nut Width: 1.500"
  • Neck Thickness at 1st Fret:  .785"
  • Neck Thickness at 12th Fret:  .890"
  • Neck Butt Width: 2.530"
  • Frets: 21
  • Fretwire: 6105 Narrow Tall
  • Radius: 7.25 - 9.50" Compound Radius
  • Side Dots: Mother of Pearl
  • Pickguard:  4-ply Tortoise Shell
  • Neck Pickup:  Custom Shop Jazz Bass Deluxe
  • Bridge Pickup:   Custom Shop Jazz Bass Deluxe
  • Pickup Covers: Cream
  • Wiring: Active Electronics
  • Bone Nut
  • Hardware: Nickel/Chrome
  • Knobs: Knurled Chrome
  • Tuners: Deluxe Bass
  • Bridge: RSD Deluxe Bass
  • Neck Plate: 5 Bolt
  • Strap Buttons: Strap Locks Chrome
  • Case: Custom Shop Black