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Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1951 Telecaster HS Super Heavy Relic Aged White Blonde Electric Guitar

SKU 00FCS133
by Fender
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Fender Custom Shop

The Custom Shop builders are not only masters at recreating the vintage-era guitars that gave Fender its start, but also at reimagining modifications that many players have made over the years. This Limited Edition 1951 Telecaster HS is an excellent example.

The vintage vibe comes from Super Heavy Relic treatment, flash coat lacquer finish and 2-piece select off-center ash body. Sorted for lightweight, this one will be a pleasure to play all night. It has a tinted rift-sawn maple neck with a 10/56 "V" shape, with a compound radius fretboard (7.25" to 9.5"). This allows for comfortable chording as well as easy lead work as you go higher on the neck. The hand-wound Crushed Blackguard Tele bridge pickup provides authentic vintage Tele tone.

The modded aspect of the guitar come in the form of the neck pickup and wiring. A Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Humbucker retains the vintage mojo while adding a sound not found on a traditional Tele. To describe the sound, here's the description straight from the horse's mouth (Seymour Duncan's website):

The neck SH-55 has a DC resistance of 7.3k and a resonant peak of 7.5KHz. The lowered output and increased treble compared to its bridge counterpart actually helps it to sound more balanced, since neck pickups are sensing a darker-sounding but more powerful section of string. Tonally, the neck model feels quite different to the bridge. It’s fuller, more singing and sustaining, with a hair more pick attack, which is great for really squeezing out those Gary Moore-style notes. It tracks very well for high-speed picking under high gain, and it has a beautiful R&B voice when you use a clean or slightly pushed tone. And it’s gorgeous when blended in with the treble pickup – a sort of Jimmy Page-esque jangle. Ultimately what it does best is reproduce the best qualities of your guitar with a little personality of its own, in an authentically vintage way and with a dash of history too.

Placed directly at the seventh harmonic for perfect, balanced tone, this pickup adds a unique note to the traditional Tele twang. Dual Stack HS Tele wiring ensures the pickups play nicely with each other, from an electrical standpoint; dual-stack 250k and 500k potentiometers guarantee each pickup operates at optimum resistance.

Bottom line is that this is a killer Tele! The last one like this that we had lasted literally 1 day before it was sold. This one can be yours today. Come to Club Fender at Truetone Music, or order online right here.

-Part # 9235001226     
- Color: Aged White Blonde
- Super Heavy Relic
- Flash Coat Lacquer Finish
- 2-Piece Select Off-Center Ash  Body (Sorted for Lightest Weight Available)
- Tinted Rift Sawn Maple Neck w/ 10/56 "V" Back-Shape
- Tint: Dark
- Neck Thickness at 1st Fret: .940"
- Neck Thickness at 12th Fret: .970"
- Bone Nut
- 7.25" to 9.5" Compound Radius
- 21 Medium Vintage/47095 Frets
- SH-55 Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker (Neck)
- Hand-Wound Crushed Blackguard Tele (Bridge) Pickups
- 3-Way Switch
- Dual-Stack HS Tele Wiring
- 1-Ply Black Pickguard
- Vintage Bridge; Vintage Style Tuning Machines; Round String Tree
- Deluxe Hardshell Tweed Case; Strap; Certificate of Authenticity