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Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Vincent Van Trigt 1952 Telecaster HS Extreme Heavy Relic Nocaster Blonde With Case

SKU 00FCS320
by Fender
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Masterbuilt Vincent Van Trigt '52 Telecaster HS

At Truetone Music, we are always striving to bring something new to the table, even when throwing a bone to the past.  This amazing Custom Shop Masterbuilt Telecaster is a great example of that.  The base model is the most classic of all Tele's (perhaps of all guitars), the '52 Tele.  After that, it takes off into something entirely of its own, created by us together with Masterbuilder Vincent Van Trigt.  The vision we had together resulted in something even more amazing than we expected.

This one is a 1952 Telecaster HS Extreme Heavy Relic in Nocaster Blonde.  Actually, "Heavy Relic" probably isn't the best description....we asked for this to be an "Extreme Rory (Gallagher Strat) Style".   And Vincent nailed it.

Please view the photos and ponder what we must have thought when we pulled it out of the box.  Shock, wonder and elation.  We have to say, this is one of the coolest pieces we've gotten from Vincent.  Actually, it's one of the coolest pieces we've gotten in general!!  The aging work he did is insane (that's to be expected).  But it's not just that - the guitar itself plays and sounds amazing too.  

Speaking of that, for the pickups, we went with Vincent's suggestions.  Here's what they are:

Bridge: Custom Shop Handwound Broadcaster  -  Recreation of one of Leo Fender's earliest designs, it gives you the extra twang usually only heard on an early 50's Tele.  It's the most requested pickup on Custom Shop Tele's, for good reason - it's the epitome of the classic Tele sound.  You'll get top end chime and warm lows that work perfectly on an old school Tele like this.

Neck: Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1 Humbucker  -  A vintage output humbucker that’s great for rock, blues, and more.  Its vintage-inspired coils give it an airy quality that is firmly in the P.A.F. family, and the alnico 5 bar magnet and vacuum wax potting make it compatible with lighter guitar strings and louder amplifiers than were ever used in the 1950s. The result is a pickup with tons of old-school tonal character, but with a brighter top end, and a slightly more compressed sound.

It's a classic early 50's Tele, with a Nocaster U neck shape, but with jumbo frets and a modern compound radius (9.5 - 12").   If you like super skinny necks, this may not be the one for you, but if you like being able to grip a relatively thicker neck, this is right up your alley.  Don't worry though, it's not too thick - it's "just right".   It's actually a bit slimmer than normal, measuring .860 - 920".   Also, this guitar is super light - just 6.3 lbs.  

All around, this Masterbuilt Telecaster has it all in terms of sound and playability - and of course, the aesthetic is amazing. This is a rare opportunity to get a very special guitar, built by one of the best out there.   Vincent Van Trigt has reached a pinnacle rarely seen - he has quickly become one of the most in demand builders, with a waitlist so long that new orders can no longer be placed.

We are fortunate enough to have some on order, and this one just came in.  We don't see it lasting long.  Come to Club Fender at Truetone Music to check it out, or make it yours today right here.

Originally from the Netherlands, Vincent moved to California in 2005 and began working for Fender immediately. After wearing a variety of hats in different departments, he started in the Custom Shop in 2012. A 2-year assistant role with Stephen Stern at the Gretsch Custom Shop was followed by a 5-year apprenticeship with John Cruz. Now the newest Fender Masterbuilder, he has grown an immediate following, especially amongst bass players. Vincent is a bass player himself, and the love he has for the instrument shows in each one he makes. 

  • Serial # R124946
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Part # 9213000564
  • Finish Package: Extreme Heavy Relic
  • Finish: Nitro Lacquer
  • Color: Nocaster Blonde
  • Body: Ash
  • Pickguard: Single Ply Black
  • Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan '59 Humbucker
  • Bridge Pickup: Fender Custom Shop Handwound Broadcaster
  • Neck:  Maple
  • Neck Shape:  Nocaster "U"
  • Frets: 21
  • Fretwire: 6100 Jumbo
  • Radius: Compound 9.5 - 12.0"
  • Neck Thickness at 1st Fret:  .860"
  • Neck Thickness at 12th Fret:  .920"
  • Bone Nut
  • Tuners: Vintage
  • String Guide: Vintage
  • Bridge: Vintage '51 Nocaster
  • Neck Plate: Vintage
  • Switch: 3 Way
  • Wiring: Modern
  • Case: Custom Shop Tweed