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Hilbish Designs Melvins King Buzzo Pessimiser 3 Band Active EQ Guitar Pedal

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The Pessimiser -

This collaboration pedal was developed and designed with the Melvin’s King Buzzo, to capture his unique distortion tones spanning his entire career. The Pessimiser features a wide range 3-band active EQ, with the ability to boost and cut. The Boost control goes from light overdrive to over the top fuzz. The Mix control lets you go from completely clean tones to full on distortion, and everything in between. The Blast control controls your volume, dipshit. Use it on guitar, bass, synth, or as a studio effect.

Artwork by Mackie Osborne

Blast - Volume Control
Mix - Blend Between Clean & Distorted Tone
Boost - Gain Control

LOW - Bass Boost/Cut
MED - Middle Boost/Cut
HIGH AF - Treble Boost/Cut

Soft Touch Footswitch

Power: 9V 100mA center negative supply only