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J Rockett Audio Designs Broverdrive Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

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The Broverdrive is just that, an overdrive….Bro! We don’t have any comparisons like classic amp references or famous artist tones……it just simply kicks ass. We have tried it with every amp and guitar we own and it was great with all of them, in fact it was amazing. What does it do well you may ask? well, it is smooth but can get angry, it cleans up when you back off of your volume, it can do blues, rock, country, even tighten up the front end of a metal amp. More like what can’t it do I guess.


‣ Levbro - Controls the overall output/volume

‣ Brotone - Controls the mis and top end, when you rotate counterclockwise it makes the kids more prominent along with some top end bite.

‣ Brogain - This has nothing to do with hair growth but it does add hair and lots of it in the form of gain.