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Keeley Nova Wah Dual Fixed Wah Tone Pedal Guitar Effect Pedal

SKU 20KEE020
by Keeley
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Dual Fixed Wah - Cool! The Keeley Electronics Nova Wah is the perfect guitar pedal for you if you dig fixed wah sounds, but don't relish the frustration of messing around with wah pedals. The Nova Wah sports two independent wah sections - simply dial in your two ideal tones, and switch between them with a simple tap of your foot. Easy! Typical of Robert Keeley's highly esteemed pedals, the Nova Wah features a weapons-grade build, with top-drawer components throughout. If you're a fixed wah fan, do it right - with the Keeley Nova Wah. Keeley Electronics Nova Wah Guitar Pedal at a Glance: Welcome to the fixed wah society Two whas - no waiting Keeley quality: great sound and dependability Welcome to the fixed wah society The Keeley Nova Wah is your entree into an elite society. Seriously. Tone-savvy guitarists often use their wah pedals in set-it-and-forget-it mode. (Frank Zappa's filtered solos come to mind here.) If you're among the tonal elites who've tried this, you know that it's often difficult to get back to the exact tone you nailed last night. And once you find it, the chance of inadvertently changing the setting in the heat of a performance is just too great. That's where the fixed wah comes into play. Two whas - no waiting The Keeley Nova Wah sports two fixed, independent wahs. You can set it up with each of the two wah sections doing its own thing, for two completely different sounds you can call up at will. You get instant repeatability - nailing not one, but two killer fixed wah tones with a simple tap of your foot. There's also a 3-way way bass-sweep switch that's incredibly useful for nailing the exact wah tone you're after. Keeley quality: great sound and dependability Keeley's Nova Wah is packed with ultra-high-grade components. Guitar pedal guru Robert Keeley wouldn't have it any other way. With its weapons-grade build quality, you can also rest assured that your Nova Wah will stand up to road abuse and give you many years of great sound and trouble-free operation. And speaking of that elite society thing - ace guitarists such as Neil Zaza, John Petrucci, Billy Corgan, John Fogerty, and Adrian Belew swear by it, so you'll be in good company with the Nova Wah in your guitar rig. Keeley Electronics Nova Wah Guitar Pedal Features: Perfect if you want fixed wah sounds and don't relish messing around with wah pedals! Broad range of tasty tones, from mellow squawk to demonic shriek - and everything in between True wah circuits - absolutely no op-amps Dual wah pedal, fully manual Preset 2 gorgeous tones - no hunting! 3-way way bass-sweep switch Mellow or cutting, SRV, Hendrix, Clapton - you name it True bypass Have 2 fixed wah sounds right at your feet, with the Keeley Nova Wah!