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Lindy Fralin Stratocaster Woodstock Pickup Set - White

SKU 31LIN014
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Lindy Fralin pickups offer the best overall tone available. If your looking for chime and warmth, these handwound pickups are the best you can obtain. Made of the highest quality components, you will be hard-pressed to find a better sounding pickup.

Like the original mid to late 60's strat pickups, this Woodstock 69 set is wound with the dark purple colored enameled wire, but has the distinction of being left-handed, the magnet stagger is reversed, like having left handed pickups in your right-handed guitar (the only way to get Jimi's sound in a right-hand guitar). These have beveled magnets and cloth wire leads. The middle Pickup is reverse wound so these are hum cancelling in the 2 and 4 positions, like all Fralin Strat sets! These also feature the mid to late 60's colored gray bobbins. 


Neck Pickup - 6k
Reverse Middle (hum cancelling in #2 and #4 positions- 6K
Bridge Pickup - 6.8K
Cream covers included (other colors available upon request)
60's colored Gray Bobbins
Reverse Magnet Stagger
Bassplate pre-installed for added low end depth