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Magnatone Panoramic Stereo 2x10 Guitar Amp Combo

by Magnatone
$ 2,799.00

Clothed in the vintage brown and gold cosmetic, the Panoramic Stereo brings the Magnatone stereo experience to a smaller, more convenient size. Two 10” speakers are powered by four EL84s push pull 12 + 12 watts of all tube stereo power for a very compact and wide sounding amplifier.

All of this plus Magnatone’s exclusive Varistor Pitch Shifting Vibrato and a full length Accutroics reverb tank means you can get the sound of a Twilighter Stereo in the perfect size for grab and go gigs or rehearsals.


  • Vintage Brown and Gold Cosmetic
  • 2x10" speaker config
  • 4 EL-84s
  • 12+12 wats all tube stereo power amp
  • Varistor Pitch Shifting Vibrato for True Dimensional Sound (switchable to tremolo)
  • full length Accutronics reverb tank
  • Compact sized, lightweight combo