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Maxon FL-9 Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal

SKU 20MAX014
by Maxon
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Current price $ 171.75
      • Analog Flanger based on vintage 80’s FL-9
      • Wide range of classic chorus and flanging effects
      • Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC
      • Delay Time and Regeneration controls
      • Companding noise reduction circuit
      • True Bypass Switching

A “better than” reissue of the 1980’s classic, the current-production Maxon FL-9 provides all the icy time-based modulation effects as the original with a lower noise floor and superior construction quality.

While the original FL-9 (and current Ibanez reissue, for that matter) used low-grade components to meet price-point targets, the Maxon Reissue spares no expense to bring you the ultimate Analog Flanging tone.

At the heart of the FL-9’s circuit is the legendary Panasonic MN3207 bucket brigade IC.  No longer in production, these BBD’s are coveted for their flawless operation and superior sound quality.  Becoming harder to find with each passing year, MN3207’s currently command a premium price on the obsolete electronic components market.

The FL-9's wide operation range and full frequency response allow it to work with any input signal to create a diverse assortment of modulation and time delay effects.  Rate and Depth knobs adjust the LFO while Regeneration and Delay Time knobs allow fine-tuning of the effect’s intensity.  Everything from shimmering chorus and vibrato through hollow, metallic overtones to thick, jet-like flanging sweeps are attainable with these four interactive controls.

To improve the FL-9’s noise floor, Maxon has added a Compander-based noise reduction circuit that the original FL-9 and current Ibanez reissue do not have.  This circuit keeps clock noise and comb-filter hiss to an absolute minimum, providing dead-quiet operation.

Additional improvements such as glass-epoxy PCB’s, low-tolerance resistors, snap-in PCB connectors and mechanical true-bypass switching guarantee trouble-free performance and superior sound quality.

More than a reissue, the Maxon FL-9 brings classic 80’s flanging into the 21st Century.  Get what you play for – play the FL-9.