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Maxon TBO-9 True Tube Booster/Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

by Maxon
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    • Clean Booster/Overdrive pedal with Tube gain stage
    • Employs mil-spec sub-miniature vacuum tube
    • Great as a tube amp booster to add warmth
    • Boost knob controls level of tube gain
    • Dual-purpose Drive control with clean blend function
    • Internal voltage regulator runs 30 Volts to tube
    • Heater In-rush current control warms tube upon power-up
    • True Bypass Switching

    The TBO-9 combines Clean Boost and Overdrive capabilities with a tube gain stage to create a versatile tone-shaping tool.

    The ideal complement to non-master volume tube amps, the TBO allows you to drive a clean or semi-clean amp to the breaking point, giving it that “on 10” tonality at a much lower volume level and without altering the amp’s signature tone.

    The TBO-9’s tube stage is controlled by the Boost knob which adds a fat, warm bottom end with a slight mid bump as it increases the output level.

    The Drive knob blends clean and distorted signals, allowing the user to dial in a small amount of grit with minimal coloration.

    The TBO-9 features internal voltage doublers that bump the incoming 9 VDC up to 30 VDC for massive headroom and maximum transparency.  

    When you need to drive your amp without driving the audience towards the door, the TBO-9 does the job without commanding the center stage.