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Menatone Fish Factory 2 Channel Overdrive Pedal

by Menatone
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$ 209.99

The Menatone Fish Factory is the ultimate compact tone machine.  It consists of the original 3 knob Red Snapper circuit (circa 1996) and original 3 knob Blue Collar (circa 1997).  Each pedal is independent and can be used alone or together to create a myriad of tonal options.  All of  this in a small box with input, output and dc jacks located on top.  And, even though all this circuitry fits into this tiny box, a battery will still fit inside if you desire to use one!



***Please note, due to the small quantities in which Menatone pedals are made, they are subject to change in appearance only at any given moment. The one pictured could slightly vary in appearance only, to the one you will receive.***