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Menatone Point to Point Hand Wired LIMITED RUN Das Boost Guitar Effect Pedal

SKU 20MEN040
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$ 219.99
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Long discontinued by Menatone, the Das Boost has been brought back by Truetone Music in the form of a limited run of ONLY 6 pieces!

The Das Boost is is the clean boost section from the Top Boost in a Can and intended to just boost the signal. It provides Class A gain to your signal chain and its simple controls, including a Boost knob and a Bright/Neutral/Dark switch, allow you to shape tone without hassle, to get the boost you want. The only coloration is done with the voice switch (dark/normal/bright) the changes in the dark or bright modes are not extreme either and normal is exactly that, untouched. It is very dynamic, has alot of headroom and can push an amp, pedal, or just give a volume boost. Some consider the Das Boost the BEST transparent clean boost made!

Hand wired, point to point, limited run goodness!!!