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Mono PFX-M Power Supply Medium

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by Mono
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MONO Power Supply is the latest addition to the MONO PFX  line and is an ultra-slim, low noise, expandable pedalboard  power supply. It’s available in 3 sizes - small, medium and  large - each designed to meet diverse pedalboard power  requirements. 

Each Power Supply is built with a lightweight and durable  aluminum casing and at just 1” depth, will fit underneath the  shallowest of pedalboards.

Design and Durability: Each unit features a sleek, ultra-slim  1" profile, designed to fit under the smallest of pedalboards.  The lightweight, durable, and dust-resistant charcoal matte  aluminum housing ensures longevity and ease of use. 

Power Flexibility: MONO Power Supply, Small can be  powered with any USB-A wall adapter or even a power bank.  Medium and Large variants also feature a USB OUT which  can power a Small or charge a phone. 

Variable Voltage: The medium and large MONO Power  Supplies boast variable voltage, ensuring compatibility with  even the most demanding digital guitar pedals. Experience  true creative freedom as you shape your sound. 

Expandable Outputs: The Small, Medium, and Large variants  offer five, six, and ten outputs respectively, with variable  voltage outputs on the Medium and Large models. This  makes the MONO Power Supply adaptable to a wide range  of pedal setups.  

User-Friendly and Thoughtful Design: The Power Supply  features individual orange status LEDs at each output, soft touch cable barrels, and sleek, curved edges, making it as  easy on the eye as it is to use. 

Isolated Outputs: Every outlet of the MONO Power Supply is  fully isolated, safeguarding your tone from ground loops and  unwanted noise and letting the music take centre stage. 

  • 5 isolated, low noise outputs
  • 1 variable, isolated, low noise output
  • Ultra light at just 205g 
  • Includes 6 power cables 
  • Comes with 24V power adaptor
  • Includes mounting kit