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Pre Owned Nacho Guitars Blackguard Nachocaster Blonde with OHSC

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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

 Truetone Music has been selected to take in a special collection of instruments from a very special long-time customer and friend of ours.  A collector of only unique, rare, vintage and high-end guitars & amps, he amassed a serious collection of these years.  For the first time, these pieces are available on the market.  We were very intrigued with a particular piece, the Nacho Guitars build presented here.

Reimagining Leo Fender's designs by way of Valencia, Spain, Nacho Guitars pays forensic attention to detail on their builds.  With a serious passion for vintage guitars, this boutique brand strives to replicate their look, feel, and sound in newly built instruments. Old-school craftsmanship and attention to detail allows them to create a guitar that feels like a beloved friend. The aging and finishing processes are crafted to emulate the feel of a guitar that's been played daily for over 60+ years. Materials are chosen to match vintage specs, and care is taken to produce a workhorse that stands out from the crowd.  They believe the devil is in the details, and work to get them right.  It's obvious that with this guitar, success was found.

This guitar has all of the vibe and mojo you would expect from a Blackguard like this.  It's super resonant, with the ability to sing even without being plugged.  It's a lighweight ash body, with a thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish that really lets the guitar breath.  It's exactly what you'd expect, and want!  The perfectly crafted one-piece maple neck has been worn perfectly to create a broken-in feel.  Interestingly the neck isn't the U shape found on many guitars like this; it's a large Soft V profile, which is very comfortable.  It measures .900 at the 1st fret and 1.01" at the 12th fret (depths), with a 1.680" nut width.  This gives you a very authentic vintage feel and comfortable grip.  The modern tweak is the 9.5" radius, which along withe medium 95/47 frets, makes for easy string bending without fretting out.
The pickups sounds amazing, with all of the twang and bite you'd expect from a guitar like this, with the ability to warm up nicely.  We noticed right away how balanced they are.  Of course, one gets a guitar like this for a particular sound, but this is very versatile.  
The guitar features all of period correct parts, from top to botoom - vintage tuners, black phenloic resin pickguard and the classic brige with brass saddles.  It's all the "right" stuff.  Nacho Banos knows how to do it, and it shows on a guitar like this.
The original hardshell tweed case is included, as is the bridge cover, spec sheet and Certificate of Authenticity.  As an added body, a special commeortative booklet is included.  And, as a final plus, a thumb drive is included, which contains a ton of photos of the guitar, included the insides of it.  This is the complete package.
The guitar has been setup to play perfectly by the techs in our shop.  If you're into high quality boutique versions of one of the most iconic guitars ever, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one than this.
About Nacho Guitars:
In his mid-teens, Nacho Baños, a Spanish native from Valencia, developed a strong fascination for the Telecaster. In 1992, he acquired his initial '50s Fender, a Blackguard 1950 Broadcaster, while studying another graduate degree in Boston. Subsequently, Baños immersed himself into the hobby and began amassing vintage Fenders whenever he was able. Over the decades, he amassed an extensive guitar collection. In 2005, he published The Blackguard, a comprehensive and carefully researched book chronicling the pre-1954 Fender Telecaster period. Hoping to replicate the tone, look and feel of 1950s solid-body electrics, Baños formed Nachoguitars in 2010. He and three builders created small batches of 30, drawn from Baños’s personal experience and the guitars used in his research.