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Vintage 1971 Fender Bassman 10 Guitar Amp Combo

SKU 85FEN060
by Fender
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Used And Vintage Amps

Have we got a vintage Fender amp for you, here is this vintage Fender Bassman Ten, straight out of 1971.

This is a powerful 4x10" 50-watt combo ready for any playing situation. You get the full force of this Fender tube heavyweight. Plenty of clean punch with a nice bit of breakup when cranked up.

The Fender Bassman Ten is a stage-ready Silverface combo amp with four 10" speakers and 50 watts of pure, classic tone. Yes, it's kinda big and yes, it's kinda heavy, but crank the gain on one of these no-frills master volume amps and you'll wonder why you don't see more of them on the touring circuit. As with all Bassman amps, these tend to find more favor with guitar players thanks to their pleasing breakup, but if you're a bass player who doesn't mind a little wool on your sound (and really, who doesn't?) then this could be the bargain vintage amp you've been waiting for.

This amp has the original transformers, and most of the of the pots and resistors are original too. The Bias/Phase Inverter has been wired to 60s Blackface era specs. Everything else has been Replaced: 250w Peak 10” Speakers, Phase Inverter, Caps, Bias Cap, Power Supply Resistor, Plate Resistor, Tube Socket, all Bypass Electrolytic Caps and Tone Caps on Treble Control.

This amp is in good condition, especially considering it's over 50 years old.  It still standing and functioning with the ability to dominate the stage, is a testament to long-last build quality of Fender amps.

Our amp tech cleaned and de-oxited all controls, tightened loose jacks and screws, and made sure this thing is good to go.  for those in favor of vintage Fender amps with big tone and big vibes, this '71 Bassman 10 hits the spot.

Serial # A68832

***due to the size & weight of this amp, it is not eligible for free shipping and has been marked for local pickup only.  If you need it shipped, please contact us directly prior to purchasing, so that a shipping quote can be provided.***