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Pre Owned 1990s Overbuilt Custom 112 Guitar Amp Combo With Tremolo Footswitch

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Used and Vintage Amps

 The Custom was built for Mavis Staples’ guitarist, Rick Holmstrom by Rick Seccombe, formerly of Matchless, from a Matchless C-30 chassis. The idea was to combine the preamp section from early 50’s amps that featured octal preamp tubes (Valco, Gibson, TV front Fender) with the output section of a VOX AC-30. It has 2 5V4 rectifier tubes (for maximum sag), 2 6SL7 octal preamp tubes (for their big open sound), a 12AX7 phase inverter and 4 EL84 power tubes.

The Overbuilt has the classic AC-30 top boost style controls (volume, bass, treble & cut) with additional controls for bias modulated tremolo (on/off footswitch included) and a VVR (variable voltage regulator) which acts as a master volume that doesn’t suck.

Front controls L to R:

Back side switches:
2 speaker jacks
Rotary impedance
Full / 1/2 power
Speaker phase

Speaker is a Scumback Scumnico, which is a beefed up 65 watt version of a mid 60’s silver bell Celestion/VOX speaker.

According to Holmstrom, “the green nuclear pilot light is some sort of military surplus jewel Jeorge Tripps gave me. The bigger green nuclear light was made to match it”.

This is a very rare amp and it's hard to find any Overbuilt amps out there - grab it before it's gone!