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Pre Owned Fender Custom Shop '55 Precision Bass NOS Seafoam Green With OHSC

SKU 88FCS001
by Fender
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Used And Vintage Basses Built in the Fender Custom Shop in Corona in 2007, this amazing '55 Precision Bass definitely stands out.  Sure, it's not "period correct" in terms of looks, but the aesthetic is purely custom and downright stunning.  It's Seafoam Green with a matching headstock, which is a nice touch - and makes it quite unique.  We haven't seen one exactly like it before.

The actual specs and feel are period correct.  The neck is thick, just like you'd expect it to be on a mid-50's P Bass like this.  For those that know, this is THE feel - a tree trunk of a neck that is still comfortable, providing all of the stability and power that the original P basses had.  If you're looking for a skinny modern neck, this isn't the one.  But if you're into big old school necks, you've found it here.

The body is an interesting transition from the early 50's style (slab) to the later 50's contour (contoured), but retains the original pickguard design.  Also, in 1955, the P bass style had the original single coil pickup.  In this case, it can't be seen because of the covers, but it's there!  Interestingly, the previous owner put in a different pickup, but kept the original in the case - so we have reverted the bass back to having the original pickup, to keep it all stock.  That additional pickup is included, so you can either put it in, or use it on another bass, or sell it.  We're not exactly sure what that other pickup is, but in comparison (we plugged in the bass both before & after the swap), it did seem a bit hotter and brighter.  The original pickup, which is in the bass now, has that old school P bass warmth and thump - also known as "the sound hear around the world".

The bass is in excellent condition - no dings, dents or other serious wear.  It's obvious that the previous owner kept good care of it.  There is somewhere finish checking, which is normal on a lacquer instrument like this, which we feel adds to the character.  Be sure to check out the photos to see everything.

The original tweed case is in included, as well as case candy, hang tag, etc.  It did not come with a COA, which is fairly normal when taking in previously owned pieces.  The bass has been setup to play perfectly by the techs in our shop.

For those that love old school P basses, with Custom Shop quality, and a unique custom finish, it would be hard to beat this one!


Serial # XN2713

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