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Pre Owned 2019 Fender Limited Edition American QMT Telecaster Pale Moon Trans Black With OHSC

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by Fender
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

In 2019, Fender released a super limited small run of guitars - the Limited Edition Pale Moon Strat and Tele set.  With a truly unique aesthetic and unconventional wood choice, these guitars caught everyone's attention.  They definitely caught our attention when a pair landed here!  Not very many were made, and most were reserved for overseas markets - so they've been hard to come by, and tend to move fast.

This Limited Edition American QMT Tele Pale Moon is named for its pale moon ebony fingerboard and quilt maple top.  To stay it looks stunning would be an understatement.  There is a LOT going on here.  The alder body (black on the back) is capped with a gorgeous quilt maple veneer.  Each is unique - and based on the photos we found online, this one in particular is one of the nicer tops.  It's exceptionally well matched, and with figuring that gives it an almost "3D" look.  The photos we took look great (thanks to our great photographer!) but it really does look even better in person.  Each is also unique is the maple neck is capped with a pale moon ebony fretboard, showcasing an unbelievably cool grain.  To add to the icing, it has a matching black headstock, which really looks great.  This guitar is just dripping!

 It's not just about the looks though.  A Tele this cool should also play great, and this one definitely does.  The modern C-to-D neck shape is super comfortable - not too thin, not too thick (1st fret dept is .820" and 12th fret depth is .890").  The 12" radius is flatter than your grandpa's Tele - this tweak makes bending a breeze, with no fear of fretting out.  

This Tele comes loaded with two Fender Custom Hot pickups and a three-way switch with modern wiring. When we plugged it in, we realized what we had here: a high voltage Tele that is full of power, while still retaining the classic tone.  It's balanced well between both pickups and has plenty of bite to cut through the mix, but also cleans up quite nicely - this is a versatile guitar for sure.

Other features include deluxe locking tuners, a perfectly chosen single ply black pickguard, and a vintage-style Tele bridge with three brass saddles to help supply that iconic Tele twang.  

 The original hardshell case (a super cool blonde one, which Fender rarely does) is included, as is the Certificate of Authenticity.  The previous owner kept in great shape, and actually never played it - it was bought for collecting purposes only.  So, it's in excellent condition, almost like new.  The guitar has been setup to play perfectly by the techs in our shop.  It's ready to go - and likely the only one we'll ever get, so if you're into it, don't sleep on it!

Serial # US19063460