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Pre-Owned Hamer Limited Edition Rick Nielsen Futura Korina Natural with OHSC

SKU 80HAM003
by Hamer
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$ 7,999.99
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

  Truetone Music has been selected to take in a special collection of instruments from a very special long-time customer and friend of ours.  A collector of only unique, rare, vintage and high-end guitars & amps, he amassed a serious collection of these years.  For the first time, these pieces are available on the market.

Easily one of the most distinct pieces in the collection, this Hamer Limited Edition Rick Nielsen Futura is an amazing find.  The first thing we noticed was the special case (check out the photos).  Upon opening it, we were blown away - it's a super rare version of the Futura, part of a very small run that Hamer did in the late 90's.  Based on the serial number, this one was built in 1998.  The story that is that they were slotted for a run of 100, but only built a few dozen.  Through our extensive research, we found conflicting information on the exact number made - some say it ended up being 35, or perhaps even less.  Very few have entered the market, as collectors tend to hold on to them - we don't see any on the market right now, and have never had one in here before.

It's worth noting that this is the American-made Korina version, part of the super limited run - as opposed to the more common ones that are out there at various prices.  Telltale signs are the case, plus the truss rod cover, and most of all the metal backplate engraved with the Rick Nielson insignia and the number from the run.  This is # 18.

Everything is original - all of the parts, and the case.  It also comes with the hang tag and booklet, but unfortunately not the COA.  The guitar has been setup by the techs in our shop to play perfectly, and of course it sounds amazing.  It's super comfortable to play, with fast neck and it's relaitvely lightweight (8.0 lbs).  The condition is excellent - it's super clean, without any dings.  We were actually shocked when we took it out of the case (usually pointy guitars like this have damage on the points).  It's obvious that the previous owner took great care of this guitar.

This is a truly unique guitar - and could be the most interesting addition to nearly any collection.  We don't expect it to last long.


Serial # 810184646