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Pre Owned KLŌS Graphite Travel Guitar With Gig Bag

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by Klos
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Used And Vintage Acoustic Guitars

The KLŌS acoustic guitar features a carbon fiber body and a wooden neck to produce one of the most comfortable, durable, affordable and best-sounding carbon fiber guitars out there.

Carbon fiber is significantly more durable than wood, and more resilient to dents, cracking and the elements.  While most guitars need to be kept in a case with a humidifier and babied, this guitar was designed to stay out of the case, ready to play at all times. KLŌS guitars are durable, with temperature and humidity having no effect on carbon fiber.  How does a carbon fiber guitar sound, compared to wood? If you do a blind test, most people can’t tell the difference. That being said, comparing carbon fiber to wood, there are a lot more variables that you can more precisely control to achieve a great sound, and that is exactly what they did. 

It's not just about that though - achieving the perfect playability is an art, and that’s what makes a guitar easy to play. The nut, frets, truss rod, and bridge, all have an influence on the string playability, getting them all to work together perfectly is what makes a guitar feel like home. At KLŌS they take playability very seriously, that’s why we put a lot of attention into leveling the frets, filing the nuts, and adjusting the saddles. Each guitar then gets played up and down the neck by inspectors to confirm it’s worthy to have a KLŌS logo and go out the door. 

We just took this one in, and it's in excellent condition.  The original gig bag is included.  The guitar has been setup to play perfectly by the techs in our shop.  If you're looking for a high quality guitar to travel with, you've found it!

Serial # 159995

More info about this guitar: 

The bolt-on neck is one of the game-changing features of KLŌS guitars. It’s perfect for those moments when you need to put it in a suitcase or you are in a crunch for space. Since guitars in general are very portable, making them durable and easy to travel with is naturally the best solution. All KLŌS guitars have the detachable neck function. 

The Hybrid wood necks, and the carbon necks have four metal threaded inserts that are permanently installed, in which the four bolts go into, allowing you to take the neck on and off an unlimited amount of times. 

Bolt on Acoustic guitars are not very common because they are difficult to design out of wood, but with the KLŌS patented injection molded neck block, they were able to achieve incredible results and have all the benefits of a detachable neck on an acoustic guitar.