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Pre Owned Morch Custom 5-String Bass

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by Morch
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Used And Vintage Basses

 Hand-made in Denmark, Morch instruments have been a standout in the European boutique instrument world for 50 years.  Founded in 1972 by Johnny Morch as a collaboration with his father, Arne Morch, What started as a handmade batch production model has stayed small, building a small number of instruments directly for musicians that want the finest of Danish design and craftmanship.

Over the years, Morch became well known for a variety of instruments, and especially their basses.  We've never had the pleasure of having one here at Truetone, until now.  Admittedly, we weren't sure what to expect, but upon first inspection, we knew we had something special on our hands.  After performing a full setup and electronics clean up, we realized how amazing this bass is.

This 5-string was custom made by Morch, so we don't have specific model or specs to reference.  However, we were contacted by someone that directed us to a post by a previous owner.  That informed us that it is a Koa top on an Ash body, 7pc neck, wenge fingerboard, modded with Delano soap bars and Audere pre. An exquisite bass!  We also found that this owner added a wenge control cavity cover and a multi laminate truss rod cover to match the head stock.  He also added the battery compartment cover, which is wenge as well.  Lastly, we found that it was built in 2003, who custom-ordered 3 different Morch basses


The Delano pickups sound amazing and the 18v active electronics make this bass very versatile.  We believe these are the SBC HE/S Dual Coil Series Soapbar pickups.  They give you a full & open sound throughout the entire spectrum with tight bottom, airy midrange and beautiful singing harmonics.  It's quite a luxurious tone.   Overall, this bass is very balanced - it sounds punchy, with a lot of tightness, especially for a 5 string, and can go from a low rumble to a high sizzle, with everything in between.

 The bass came to us from a regular customer of ours, sans case or bag, and has been vetted and setup to play perfectly.  For anyone that knows the awesomeness of Morch, or just wants a high-quality unique 5-string bass, this is real score!