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Vintage Regal Luann 1920's Floral Parlor Acoustic Guitar With SSC

SKU 84RGL000
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$ 1,499.99
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Used And Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Dangit Regal Luann! If I have to tell people one more time what a great parlor guitar you are, I'm gonna blow my top. They should already know you're a beautiful lil' parlor guitar from the 1920's with the bright, percussive tone that vintage parlor guitars are known for.

You're Regal - it's in your name. You know how to Charleston and Foxtrot. too! That's not good enough? Well, do they know about your gorgeous floral art deco spruce top. No? How about that you have Birch back and sides? Look Regal Luann, if that ain't enough for them, I don't know what is. You're a great lil' parlor guitar in great condition and you come with a soft shell case. You're a real beaut Regal Luann!

In all seriousness, this is the real deal - a guitar that's about 100 years old, has stood the test of time, survived wars, pandemics and much more.  It STILL sounds great, and is quite comfortable to play.  And, of course, it's beautiful.  This truly vintage piece is something special, that's for sure and sports a 24 1/4" scale length.

The guitar comes with a case (non original).  If you buy this and want it shipped, we would suggest upgrading to a nicer case, which we can help with.  

Be sure to view the photos to see the condition.  It's not mint, of course - but it's in great shape considering that it's older than most of our grandmothers.  And it's as sweet as them too. 

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