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Pre Owned Silver Street Nightwing Black Electric Guitar With Gig Bag

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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

Up for sale is this fantastic Silver Street Nightwing!   Don't know what a Nightwing is?  Neither did we until we came across this guitar - and then we fell in love with it!  

Silver Street was founded in 1979 by brothers Bruce & Craig Hardy, as an accessories manufacturer but then shifted to guitars within a few years.  By the way, the name Silver Street came from a simple background - it was the name of the street Bruce lived on at the time.  During the course of the legendary decade called "the '80's", Silver Street came out with a variety of models, and were used by players such as Tommy Shaw, Chris Hayes and Elliot Easton.  Rick Springfield bought 3 and used one in a video that received heavy rotation on MTV, bringing a lot of attention to the brand and its unique guitars.

One model has stuck out as exemplifying the era quite well: the Nightwing.  This wildly shaped 6 string axe would fit right in on Sunset Strip amongst the Spandex, but it's not just about looks - this is a great playing and sounding guitar.  Two humbuckers, three knobs and three switches gets you a variety of tones.  What does all of that do?  To be honest, we weren't sure, but the Internet has created the opportunity to find information that would have been impossible to find back in the day.....and the official Silver Street Guitars website has the complete outline, which we've included below.

This guitar is in good condition - by no means perfectly clean, but why would it be?  This thing has been rocking rocking for decades and shows it.  It's got character and vibe, with some scars to show that it survived the 80's and beyond.  It's been setup to play perfectly by the techs in our shop, and is ready to go.

You won't find many of these out there, if any, so if you want a unique piece of 80's guitar history or just something to stand out from the crowd with, you've found it.  Grab it now before it's gone.


Silver Street Nightwing Controls Operation and Additional Specs:
1 – Pickup selector. Full size, three way toggle which is set up as most guitars: neck pickup only, neck + bridge pickups, bridge pickup only.
2 – Bridge pickup switch. Mini toggle, three position. Position one (up toward the player) is a single coil of the bridge pickup, position two is both coils in parallel and position three is both coils in series (as most humbuckers are normally wired). Series gives the most output, and a somewhat fuller sound than the parallel setting.
3 – Preamp switch. Mini toggle, two position. Up toward the player is the off position. The preamp is quite loud, and powered by a 9 volt battery (inset into the back of the guitar).
4 – Master volume.
5 – Master tone.
6 – Preamp volume. This pot does nothing as long as switch 3 is in the off position. This pot allows the preamp to be set from unity gain to about a 12-18 db boost. Unity gain is very useful for driving long cables without signal loss, while the boost is nice for driving a guitar amp into overdrive for solos, etc.
7 – Schaller Bridge. A very heavy two-piece bridge assembly, mounted on two Les Paul style posts set deeply into the body. Very good sustain from this unit, easy to intonate.
8 – DiMarzio humbucking pickup. Single coil/parallel/series is controlled by switch 2. This pickup has a fairly bright sound, with quite a bit of drive.
9 – DiMarzio PAF style humbucking pickup. Warm and very vintage sounding.