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Pre Owned Veillette-Citron Standard 8-String Bass Black With Case

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Used And Vintage Basses

In a world full of rare birds, here's one that really stands out from the rest of the flock: a Veillete-Citron 8 string bass.  We've never come across one, and were rather excited to see this come through the door recently.

Founded in 1976 by Joe Veillette and Harvey Citron, who met in architecture school, Veillette-Citron was a pioneer in the modern high-end electric bass field.  Using unique designs and outside-the-box thinking, paired with sophisticated electronics, they created instruments unlike anything seen out there.  Very few were made, as that version of the company only lasted until 1983.  In that time, approximately 500 instruments were made with about half of them being basses.  Highly sought after by collectors who are "in the know", these are hard to come by - especially one like this.  

There were 3 models, all with 22 frets.  This is a Standard (black finish, chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard, two pickups and standard controls/electronics).  From our research and vetting, we found that it has a maple body and neck, with a rosewood fretboard, and is rather light for what it is (9.6 lbs).  It's comfortable to play, with easy access to all 22 frets.  A brass nut (1.75") helps to provide some zing.  The high quality Schaller tuners will keep all 8 strings in tune.  Most impressive are the electronics - a 3 way switch and control over both pickups gives you a variety of sounds, all well-balanced, crystal clear and thick.  One might assume it's pre-amped, but it's not.  This is one amazing sounding bass.

Based on the serial number (315), we believe this was built in late 1980 or 1981.  The bass is in good condition - it has all of the evidence of being played for years, but overall is in great shape.  Be sure to check out all of the photos.  It was worked on and setup by the top luthier in our repair shop, so it plays perfectly.  As far as we can tell, everything is original, except the case.  That went missing years ago.  The bass came to us in an old gig bag, so we supplied a brand new Guardian hardshell case to protect it.
It's a surprisingly versatile bass.  There's a reason that a variety of players such as Michael Anthony from Van Halen, Tina Weymouth from the Talking Heads, Kasim Sulton from Utopia and Rutger Gunnarsson from Abba all utilized one of these.  
This Veillette-Citron Standard 8 String Bass is a special instrument.  You're likely to never see another one like it, so if you're in the market, you've found it!