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Vintage 1948 Fender Deluxe Tweed Guitar Amp Cover With Cover

SKU 85FEN080
by Fender
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

We have now a vintage amp that is beyond it's namesake, this tweed-era Fender Deluxe from 1948. That's right 1948!  What you are seeing is a true piece of amp history.

This Fender Deluxe is exemplary of why this model is so prized and still the foundation of great tone. And it looks incredible, of course. You get the iconic TV front panel with tweed covering, brown grille cloth, and leather handle.   You will rarely see one as nice as this one.  It was just vetted and serviced by legendary Los Angeles amp guru and vintage expert Greg Leon, and is ready to go.

This 1948 Fender Deluxe has the orignal 5A3 circuit and is powered by a pair of 6V6 power tubes. There are two instrument inputs and a mic input. With just volume and tone knobs you get a wealth of amazing tones. This amp is prized not only for its warm present cleans but also its incredibly dynamic overdriven tones.  It's a blast from the past, not just in looks but also in sound.  

This gem comes with its original Jensen blue bell speaker that has been reconed.  The tweed looks original but we can't say that for certain, so we are disclosing that it may have been recovered at some point.  The amp was regrilled. There are some modifications and upgrades, many which are necessary for an amp this vintage.  All the caps have been replaced, its AC cord has been replaced, both volume pots have been replaced. The rectifier tube has been replaced.

Don't miss out on this amazing piece - it's a serious find for any collector, studio or fan of vintage Fender amps.

All CAPS replaced
AC cord replaced
Vol 1 & 2 Pots replaced
Speaker re-coned
Tolex has been possibly Re-Tweeded but our amp tech couldn’t say 100%.

Serial # 699