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Pre Owned Vintage 1959 Gretsch Duo Jet Black With OHSC

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by Gretsch
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Used and Vintage Electric Guitars
At Truetone Music, we are huge fans of Gretsch, and also of vintage guitars from the 50's and 60's.  It's rare that these two worlds collide, but when they do, it's a special moment - and here we have a very special guitar to demonstrate that.  We are proud to present this vintage 1959 Gretsch Duo Jet.  We will get to the fine details in a moment, but first, some history:

In January 1951, Gretsch stepped up as a serious player in the evolving guitar world when it introduced two new electric models.  In the coming years, Fred Gretsch Jr. saw the success of these new, solid body electrics and assembled a brain trust that resulted in the creation of the Duo Jet.  Introduced in 1953, the Duo Jet had a cool name to go along with its cool, elegant looks.  The single-cutaway Duo Jet featured a gleaming black arched top with mahogany sides, back and neck.
Other Gretsch firsts included truss rod adjustments through the headstock (concealed with a bullet-shaped cover), a master volume control knob on the cutaway, and a pickup selection switch. It also lived up to its “Great Gretsch Sound” reputation thanks to the Duo Jet’s unique construction. Although it looked like a solid body, the inside was actually chambered to allow for wiring and components and to make the Duo Jet lighter and more comfortable to play. This “semi-solid” approach also gave the Duo Jet a unique sound that was perfect for a variety of styles, poised well for the coming rock ‘n’ roll revolution.  The Duo Jet, which has changed very little over 60 plus years, shows they found the right recipe within the walls of the Gretsch factory in Brooklyn way back in 50's.

By 1959, the model had evolved, with a new logo, slightly wider body, expanded control layout, and most significantly, new pickups.  Designed by inventor Ray Butts, the Filter’Tron rolled out on Gretsch electrics in 1958 to combat the 60 cycle hum inherent to early single coil pickups. Similar to other humbucker designs, the Filter'Tron wires two coils out of phase, which cancels out much of the hum and noise. The Filter'Tron has its own tone—it is powerful and warm like Gibson PAFs, but it retains the clarity and bite of a single coil. Its distinct tone is instrumental to what is often described as "that great Gretsch sound."  This 1959 Gretsch Duo Jet features the original "Patent Applied For" Filter'Tron pickups. 

Having the original pickups is key for any vintage guitar, and especially for a 1959 Duo Jet.  Almost all of the parts are original on this guitar, save for a replaced bridge and master volume pot.  The other notable alteration to this guitar is that the ebony fretboard has been refretted with medium jumbo frets.  This was expertly done by Truetone's own vintage expert, head luthier and co-owner, Paul Flynn.  It has been setup to play perfectly.  The guitar comes with the original case as well.

The neck is super comfortable - while it's thick, as to be expected, it's easy to play fast, and the refret makes it much more usable for lead playing and bending.  It has all of the comfort and vintage vibe you'd expect, along with an incredible tone that is perhaps the best example of the classic Gretsch sound we've ever come across.

This 1959 Grestch Duo Jet has made it through decades safely and is now looking for a new home after being owned for years by a local collector.  The guitar is in incredible shape, given what year it's from, and has aged beautifully.  Be sure to check out all of the photos to see everything.  This is a very special piece, and we look forward to placing it in its new home.

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