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Pre-owned Vintage LectroLab R600B 1x12 Combo Amp

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Used And Vintage Amps


 Up for sale, a 60's Lectrolab R600B vintage 1x12 tube amplifier in very good condition and in good working order.  Produced by the Sound Projects Company and advertised in mail order catalogs such as Aldens, the Lectrolab line was better known under its "Harmony" branding, as the company produced the majority of their smaller tube amps.  In fact, the Lectrolab R600B is identical in every way to the Harmony H-306A!
The R600B was one of the top-tier offerings in the Lectrolab line, and boasts a 12" Jensen speaker, two 6V6 power tubes and a point-to-point hand wired circuit.  This amplifier has been recently and thoroughly serviced.  The Jensen speaker is original and sounds great with clear, defined tone that's sweet and warm.  There are definite parallels that can be drawn between this amplifier and Fender's Tweed amplifier circuits (especially the Deluxe), as the two share similar tube compliments, speaker pairings . Able to deliver everything from dynamic cleans to overdriven bliss, the Lectrolab R600B runs the gamut from clear and sparkly to raucous overdrive.  The bias based tremolo circuit also has a very smooth waveform and strong pulse.

The smooth white tweed-ish covering on the amplifier is in ok shape, and the original back panel is included, complete with a schematic which faces the chassis.  

It shows signs of some expected  cosmetic wear around the corners of the cabinet andother places, please see pcs.

Foot switch is included.