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Quantum Audio Designs Instrument Cable EPI-18R 18ft. Right-Angle High-Definition Oxygen-Free

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The Quantum EPI, Enhanced Performance Instrument, series cables are designed to offer the utmost in audio fidelity while being durable enough to meet the rigors of touring applications. Due to the cable’s extremely tight & well defined low frequency characteristics, as well as it’s precise high end detail, most listeners refer to this cable as “the most in your face sounding cable” they’ve ever experienced. Due to it’s “full bodied” tonal qualities, the EPI series cables tend to be a favorite with guitarists using humbucker pickup designs, as well as bass guitarists that lean toward more percussive playing styles. All EPI series cables utilize our Q-2300 series oxygen-free, high definition audio cable. This cable design incorporates a combination of materials and construction specifications that produce possibly the finest audio performance levels you’ve ever experienced! The EPI utilizes an extremely large gauge center conductor, which is constructed of finely stranded oxygen-free copper. An extremely low capacitance insulation material is used as to produce incredible audio clarity and frequency response. The incorporation a 95% coverage braided shield provides maximum strength which permits this cable to handle the physical abuse encountered in professional sound reinforcement applications. To ensure the best signal path possible, the EPI series cables are terminated with gold-plated G & H brand ¼” phone plugs. For added durability, EPI series cables incorporate our heat shrink process in which the connector cavity is filled with hot melt epoxy and heat shrinkable tubing is applied over the connector barrels. Due to their robust construction and braided shielding, the EPI series cables tend to be least flexible of our many instrument cables. Therefore, we recommend the EPI series cables for pedal board to amplifier interfaces, studio applications, or instances where the user is willing to accept the added stiffness in order to achieve maximum fidelity and tonal response.