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Sunnaudio NU-1 GM Nucleus with GainMaster Option Overdrive Distortion Pedal

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The new GainMASTER Custom Shop Mod is now available. 2 unique pedals in one compact case. Both Nucleus and GainMaster has its own True Bypass switch to maximize use and flexibility. The GainMaster interacts beautifully with the guitar’s pickup and with the Nucleus.

The GainMaster can be used directly into your amp or stacked with the Nucleus for enormous gain structure. Inject harmonics and overtones that’s bursting with complex energy without loosing any string depth or feel. Full range from clean, touch of harmonics, janglily distortion, to full high-gain overdrive.


  • GainMaster drive with adjustable gain and independent bypass switch.
  • GainMaster interacts with the guitar’s pickups, Nucleus drives, and your amp to produce rich harmonics and tonality.
  • Multi instrument Preamp and Distortion with 3 gain channels (including the GainMaster), Independent Volumes, two simple and effective tone controls offering mid and low end tone shaping.
  • One deceptively sophisticated Gain knob, pure clean to overdrive. GainMaster is fully integrated into and interacts with the Nucleus to create an endless variety of gain structures.
  • Two switchable channels: HI Gain and LO Gain which can be independently set for level output. Each channels gets its own LED knob indicating which channel is selected.
  • LO gain setting ranges from crystal clear to overdrive while HI gain starts with rich clean harmonic sounds to full distortion.
  • “Focus” adjusts the sub-harmonic frequencies to your bass signal, or to contour your over driven guitar sound.
  • “Tone” for mid shaping the overdrives
  • Internal input impedance switch for optimum matching
  • Two foot switches: Hi/Lo Gain & True Bypass plus one toggle bypass switch for the GainMaster
  • External DC Jack or 9v battery power (>80 hr typ. life)
  • Pure analog circuitry: varying the external DC jack voltage (3V - 12Vdc max) will alter the harmonic characteristics of the Nucleus