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Swart Super Space Tone 30 Amp Head

by Swart
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$ 2,549.00


This will simply knock you out. At least, that's our take. You loved the Atomic and ST-6V6se? You'll be blown away all over again by this head & cabinet, now available for order.

SST-30 Head Highlights.

All Tube ~ No Solid State ~ Trem/Verb Valves!
Powered by FOUR 6V6 Valves (Twin EL-34 Sub)

3 12AX7 & 1 12DW7 for Pre/Trem/R'Verb
GZ-34 Tube Rectification ~ NO SS! Smoooth!
Cathode Biased
Master Volume Control ~ Standby Switch
High / Low Inputs
Foot Switch Operation
30+w depending on valves (it cranks!)