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Tru-Fi Ghost Vibe Univibe Style Guitar Pedal Gray

SKU 20TRU012
by Tru-Fi
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Over a year in the making.....

A True Uni-Vibe in a small footprint, that runs on 9V and sounds like Woodstock plus. 

The Uni-Vibe was made in 1967-68 and was very VERY unique in its tone and technology, by which using a light built and photocells to create a phase shifting pattern. The result was incredibly unique and beautiful sounding phase sound that they actually labeled Chorus. It sounded beautiful clean, and electric fuzzed out. We ABed it with 6 modern vibes, and a 1968 and 1969 original Uni-Vibe - We got it as close as you could get to with our ears to the 1968 vintage sound.

Tru-Fi is retro, this is what I have tried to do with this company since the start. Build incredible toneful and well-built guitar pedals that sound and look like they are 50 years old. Building a true Uni-vibe was no small task enclosed in the small enclosure that we use, thennnnn lets make it run on 9V so everyone can just power it up and get the TONE. I went to great lengths to get all this in a box, the cells, the light bulb and THEN THE TONE - IT SOUNDS VERY GOOD !

The name The Ghost Vibe was created by George Blekas who was instrumental in getting this finished - I would not have finished it without him. We are both Hendrix tone nuts, and one day he said "you know all we are really doing is chasing the Ghost of Jimi" - a few minutes later it was named The Ghost Vibe ! It is also inspired by our dear friend Bob Sweet - RIP as printed on the circuit board. 

NOTE! It’s True-Bypass and inside there is a 9V Battery