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Turser Warlock Flying V Red With Gig Bag

SKU 80TUR000
by Turser
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

This Warlock bears the name of Ed Roman but bows to no one. It cannot be controlled but it can be guided. Bring it to the light! Show it what you can do. Or do you want to dig it deep into darkness? The Warlock can help  you command aggressive riffs and leads. Which paths will you carve with the Warlock?

This is a V-shaped guitar with full access to any note on the fingerboard with ease. The two of you can soar to new heights of playing! It's got humbuckers, time to fly!

Need more, there is more. It will literally play whatever you play into. It's magical, it's mystical, it's you! Don't believe me, believe yourself. Play it! No words can prepare you for what awaits you. Yourself! The ultimate journey! And here is a guitar for it! 

The Warlock's powers are in good condition and it has conjured a gig bag with it.  It also commanded the techs in our shop to provide a complimentary setup.  Now it will make it's way into your home, your heart, your head and your soul.