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Vintage 1960’s Lafayette 1x12" 4-input Combo Amp with Tremolo

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 1960’s Lafayette 112 / 4-input Combo Amp with Tremolo.

Includes after market FS for the tremolo and 3 prong Mod.
Chassis Made in Japan
Cab and Speaker made in USA

1960’s Lafayette 1x12 (20 w) tube Combo amps were made between 1963-1967 by the Japanese company, Lafayette Electronics, which was either part of Univox or manufactured in the same factory (depending on the models and year). The electronics in the chassis apparently were made in Japan, while the cabinets and Jensen speakers were made in the USA, in Westbury, New York. Whereas most of the Univox and Lafayette models have front-loaded electronics, this model has all the controls and inputs on top.

Features: Original Jensen 12” speaker, two channels - each with 2 inputs bright and normal and vol and tone knobs. There’s also an excellent vintage-sounding tremolo effect with speed and intensity control knobs. There is a tremolo input jack that comes with an aftermarket 1-button footswitch to turn the effect on and off. The amp also has an on/off/standby switch and the AC cord has been converted to a grounded 3-prong end.