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Used EarthQuaker Devices V1 Arrows Preamp Booster with Box

SKU 70EAR050
Original price $ 79.99 - Original price $ 79.99
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$ 79.99
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Used And Vintage Pedals

Up for sale is another great sounding used pedal, which you can pick up today, right now…. at a GREAT price!! Guaranteed working condition, all used pedals we're offering for sale here have some cosmetic imperfections, and in turn means BIG savings for you!!!

Please check out the pics closely for imperfections.

***Please note this listing is for the pedal and box only!!!***

I was thinking to myself what can I possibly write about this awesome pedal that EarthQuaker Devices themselves didn't say? I could mention it's a great single-knob preamp booster that does wonders for your tone especially through gain and fuzz pedals. Then I asked AI what it thought and could come up with. It wrote something good but it wasn't as good as what EarthQuaker had said. What did they say?

They said,

"The Arrows is an all-discrete tone sculpting preamp booster. It was designed with the intention of adding an additional channel of gain to all your dirt pedals as well as brightening up neck pickups. It boosts midrange, tightens up the low end and makes the top end shine while adding some push to drive your dirt into blooming sustain with excellent harmonics. Its simple interface is no nonsense; a single control that will either boost or cut you signal. Use the Arrows to remove the muck from bass heavy fuzz pedals, push light overdrives into higher gains than you thought possible or even on its own to make your signal really pop with more pizazz. All analog, true bypass and handmade one at a time in the weird pit of Akron, Ohio."

Yup I definitely agree with everything they said. It's super cool handmade preamp pedal awesomeness. AI and I both agree this is an amazing pedal in good condition and it comes with a box. We think you will love it, we guarantee it, or quite literally your money back ;)

Now is your chance to get that pedal you always wanted at the price you always wanted!

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