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Used EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter Phaser Pedal

SKU 70EAR057
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$ 149.99
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Used And Vintage Pedals

Up for sale is another great sounding used pedal, which you can pick up today, right now…. at a GREAT price!! Guaranteed working condition, all used pedals we're offering for sale here have some cosmetic imperfections, and in turn means BIG savings for you!!!

The Grand Orbiter is a 4 stage OTA-based phaser with an array of features that can do everything from static resonance to soft and slow all the way to otherworldly fast and and swirly. It has three way toggle switch to select between the ranges of modulation giving you plenty of options. You can even use the Grand Orbiter as pitch shift vibrato with the "Phase/Vibrato" switch. This is an incredible modulation pedal worthy of you. This pedal is in good condition. 


Depth: Controls the amount of phase effect mixed with dry signal. Clockwise for more intense phasing, counterclockwise for less. In “Vibrato” mode, this acts as a volume control.
Rate: Controls the speed of the LFO. Faster clockwise, slower counter clockwise.
Sweep: Controls the frequency peak of the sweep. Higher peak clockwise, lower peak counter clockwise.
Resonance: Controls the regeneration of the phased signal. More resonant clockwise, more subtle counter clockwise.
Rate 1,2,3: Changes the range of the speed control. Rate 1 is slow mode, rate 2 is LFO kill to use the Orbiter as a fixed resonant filter, rate 3 is fast mode.
Phase/Vibrato: Cuts the dry signal to create a vibe/vibrato effect depending on the setting of the other controls. Vibrato is created by turning the resonance down low.