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Used Fender Limited Edition '57 Amp Black Lacquer Tube Guitar Amp Combo

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by Fender
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Here's one of most rare finds that you'll find in the world of Fender Amplifiers....

Back in 2007, Fender released a Limited Edition of the '57 Deluxe, as part of the 50th Anniversary of the legendary amp.  These are extremely hard to find, especially in perfect condition like this one.  Only 300 were made, and they rarely come up for sale.  

Please read below for more info and view the photos to see how special this very unique Fender amp is.  We just got it from an estate of a customer of ours, and we are very excited to have it....but we won't have it long!  


The Fender® ’57 Amp … The Amp That Could Have Been!

Fantasize about this: Leo Fender at the local coffee shop in 1957, watching a new beautiful black tail-finned Chrysler® or Cadillac® gliding by, thinking, “I should make a really fancy guitar amp some day.” Considering he made custom-color Stratocaster® guitars, what if Leo would have strayed from the proven Tweed amp formula to give discerning enthusiasts and artists something a little more … showy?

Enter the Fender 57 Amp.  It's striking split-grille cabinet is hand crafted from solid maple, finished in spectacular polished black lacquer, and topped with a plethora of premium appointments.  Plugging and turning on reveals the beautiful warm tones of the legendary hand-wired '57 Deluxe Amp with amazing performance of the coveted Celestion Blue Alnico speaker.

What is it?  A limited-edition 12-watt, hand-wired tube amplifier with a 12” speaker housed in a stunning split-grille cabinet with all-new hardware and black “piano lacquer” finish.

What makes it special: The original Tweed Deluxe™ amp of the 1950s is well known as being one of the finest tone machines ever devised. That platform has been taken to another level by utilizing the extremely desirable Celestion® Alnico Blue speaker in an all-new custom-designed maple cabinet with all-new knobs, handle and other hardware. Each amp includes a leather collectors’ portfolio containing a certificate of authenticity, designer’s notes, factory photos and other surprises. Only 300 of these collectors’ items will be built!

What’s the vibe? Prestigious and perhaps unattainable, like a fine Swiss watch or hand-made race car. Familiar, yet stunningly new.

Where is it being made? Designed in Scottsdale, Ariz. Built in the Fender factory in Corona, Calif.

Who it's for:   Guitarists who want a beautifully appointed tube amp for home or studio, Tube amp enthusiasts who appreciate the unique qualities of hand-wired, hand-built models, as well as pure Fender fans and collectors.

Why? To highlight the Fender design team’s talents; to wow collectors with something they’ve never seen before; to create a halo of prestige over the entire Fender amp line.

Features & Specs:


  • Hand-wired all-tube circuitry on eyelet board.
  • Late 1950s 5E3 circuit produces about 12 watts.
  • Matched pair of Groove Tubes™ GT6V6 output tubes.
  • 5Y3 rectifier tube contributes to compression and “sag” when amp is played hard.
  • Two 12AX7 preamp tubes, one of which may be substituted with a 12AY7 for the original ’50s lower-gain sound, if desired.
  • Mic and instrument channels; each channel has individual volume controls and high and low inputs.
  • 12” Celestion® Alnico Blue speaker.
  • Dovetail-joined solid maple cabinet.
  • Black “Piano Lacquer” finish.
  • Holographic diamond-cut “57” badge on front of amp; “One of only 300” badge on rear panel.
  • Premium heavy-knurl “Roll-Easy” Telecaster knobs with engraved “57” logo.
  • Solid aluminum speed boat handle; metal hex-head screws throughout.
  • Blue jewel light.
  • Custom embroidered plush-padded cover included.
  • Leather collectors’ portfolio contains certificate of authenticity, designer’s notes,  factory photos and other assorted collectors items.
  • Only 300 will be made for the world, throughout 2007.