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Used Fender Customized Highway One Stratocaster Burnt Cherry With Case

SKU 50FEN200
by Fender
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Used And Vintage Electric GuitarsOk, we have a fun one here: a 2006 Fender 60th Anniversary Highway One Stratocaster, that has been modded, refinished and reborn as something entirely new.  It's now one of the cooler guitars we have on our vast walls.  And we're calling Burnt Cherry for a reason....more on that in a moment.  Here's the full story:

This guitar began it's life as an American-made Highway One Strat in 2006, as part of Fender's 60th Anniversary collection.  It still has the "60" emblem on the back of the headstock (quite often, these fall off, but this guitar was well taken care of).  The original owner is a top guitar tech, and took it upon himself to recreate it as something entirely else.  The result is stunning.

The first thing he did is strip the Daphne Blue finish and set the guitar on fire.  Yes, on fire.  After putting out the flames and letting it live for a bit as a Burnt Strat, he refinished it in a color called Cherry.  The result was dark, mysterious and truly unique.  Admittedly it's hard to see in the photos - but the back and sides show it the best.  The combination of these two processes is why it became known as the Burnt Cherry Strat.

The other thing he did was replace the entire pickguard assembly, including the pickups.  He is a master-modifier, and knew exact what to do to this one.  It received a super cool mirror pickguard (instead of the plain white one that was on it originally).  That in itself completes the guitar.  He didn't stop there though - the addition of the chrome knobs is a really nice touch. 

But this isn't just about aesthetics, it's also about the most important element, which is the sound.  The guitar is loaded with specifically chosen DiMarzio pickups.  Here's what's in there:

Neck:  DP416 Area 61 - captures the classic vibe of an early '60s Strat pickup while providing hum-free performance.  It also produces less magnet pull for better intonation and sustain. You can get everything from rocking overdriven tones to crystal cleans.

Middle:  DP419 Area 67 - now you get the late 60's bright & clean tone, also while staying hum-free.  Again, the reduction of magnet pull (by 40%) makes for improved sustain and clarity.  You'll hear the chime of 60's pickups and going to positions 2 & 4 will be a light, bright and quack-happy experience.

Bridge:  DP415 Area 59 - sensing a pattern? This pickup brings you best of tones from the late 50's but with virtually no hum and way less magnet pull.  It's clear & bright without sounding thin, and responds well to the dynamics of the player.  

 The end result is an amazing sounding Strat, and one that looks like nothing you've seen before.  The rest of the specs and hardware are stock (tuners, bridge, etc.).  As an added bonus, a deluxe Fender (G&G made) tweed case is included.  The guitar has been setup by the same tech that did the mods, plays like a dream, and is ready to go. 

And it will go fast, as it's too cool not too, especially when it's the only one like it in existence!

Serial # Z6169097