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Used Gator GWE-335 Semi-Hollow Style Guitar Hardshell Wood Case

SKU 61GAT000
by Gator
Original price $ 99.99 - Original price $ 99.99
Original price
$ 99.99
$ 99.99 - $ 99.99
Current price $ 99.99

Do you have an ES-335 (or similarly styled guitar) in need of a hardshell case?  If so, you've found one here!

This high-quality Gator case will protect your guitar, get you from A to B without worries, and does everything else a case needs to do.  It's in great shape - not perfect - but quite near that.  It was actually never previously owned; we had it has a brand new case but it got a few skuff marks while on the shelf, we we designated it as "used" and discounted it.  Of course it's fully functional.

If you need a nice hardshell and don't want to spend a ton of money on it, here you go!