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Used JangleBox 50th Anniversary Compressor

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Used And Vintage Pedals


This is the the 50th Anniversary tribute to the Byrds and the JangleBox founder Roger McGuinn, here in a beautiful gold powder coating and special graphic appointments.

A good compressor not only gives you the ability to even out dynamics for a consistent tone but also gives you more sustain especially with clean tones. This pedal is special because not only does it give you that but also gives you a sparkle to your tone. I mean Roger McGuinn is known for his iconic jangly, chimey tone with the Byrds. 

What is it about the 1965 compressed jangle of the Beatles, Byrds, and so many others that continues to captivate guitar players everywhere? It seems as if every band, regardless of musical genre, employs that sound for at least a few tunes in their repertoire. Who doesn't love jamming on "So You Want to be A Rock 'N Roll Star?" The sound is timeless.