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Used JHS Colour Box V2 Preamp/EQ/DI Guitar Effect Pedal

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by JHS
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Used And Vintage Pedals

Up for sale is another great sounding used pedal, which you can pick up today, right now…. at a GREAT price!! Guaranteed working condition, all used pedals we're offering for sale here have some cosmetic imperfections, and in turn means BIG savings for you!! 

Please check out the pics closely for imperfections.

This pedal is in good condition and sounds great!

 The JHS Colour Box V2 is your Neve console strip in a box! Fantastic controls and plenty of outputs lets you EQ and Master any input. The Red knobs 

V2 improvements are:

  • Addition of an Output transformer

  • Safely Passes 48V Phantom Power

  • EQ Shift Knobs for precision EQ control

  • Hi/Lo Switch for ultra clean headroom

  • 100% available clean signal even on acoustic guitar

  • Silent switching, aka no "switch-pop"

  • Runs on standard 9V DC Neg power



The Gain section in red has three controls: Master, Pre-Vol, and Step. The Master volume controls the overall volume of the unit. The Pre-Vol controls the amount of gain between the two internal gain stages. This acts as a "drive" or "gain" control, adding more grit, distortion, and even fuzz as you increase the gain.

The Step control increases the gain of each preamp stage in five stages. Rotating the Step knob from left-to-right will increase the gain by the following: 1st is +18 dB, 2nd is +23 dB, 3rd is +28 dB, 4th is +33 dB, 5th is +39 dB.

The Colour Box V2 has a new Hi / Lo switch to control the amount of clean headroom you have available. In the Lo mode, you will easily be able to get ultra clean sounds without breakup. Lo Mode is excellent for tone shaping when distortion is not needed. In the Hi mode, the Colour Box V2 will distort much more readily, giving you a broad spectrum of overdrive, distortion, and fuzz sounds.

In addition to the Hi / Lo gain switch, there is a -20dB pad switch on the right side of the Colour Box V2. This function only works when in XLR input mode and can help tame the volume for high output microphones.


The EQ section in blue has three new Shift controls correlating to its standard Treble, Middle and Bass controls. The classically labeled EQ knobs adjust the amount of frequencies that get boosted and cut, while the Shift knobs adjust the range of frequencies that the Treble, Middle, and Bass knobs control.

EQ Functions

  • Treble Knob - Cut/Boost Control     +/-15dB  flat at noon.  CCW cuts, CW boosts.

  • Middle Knob - Cut/Boost Control    +/- 10dB  flat at noon.  CCW cuts, CW boosts.

  • Bass Knob -   Cut/Boost Control   +/-15dB  flat at noon.  CCW cuts, CW boosts.

Frequencies controlled by EQ Shift Knobs:

  • Treble Shift - 2kHz to 30kHz –  CCW lowers the center Freq, CW raises the center Freq.

  • Middle Shift - 150Hz to 2.4kHz –  CCW lowers the center Freq, CW raises the center Freq.

  • Bass Shift - 20Hz to 440Hz –  CCW lowers the center Freq, CW raises the center Freq.

The Hi-Pass section is enabled by the toggle switch below the Hi-Pass knob. Just flip it up to engage the Hi-Pass knob. The HPF is a 2nd order 6dB per octave highpass filter. The -3dB cutoff freq (the frequency at which the filter starts to act) can be adjusted from 160Hz to 650Hz.

***Please note this listing is for the pedal only***

Now is your chance to get that pedal you always wanted at the price you always wanted!