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Used Marshall JMP-1 Valve MIDI Preamp and Mesa Boogie 20/20 Dyna Watt Power Amp with Rack

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Used And Vintage Amps

All the Monsters Are Here!  The Rack of Racks has surfaced. It brings two titans of gain together in one place.  

First thing first, wake up.  Next, plug your guitar into this Marshall JMP-1 Tube Preamp. This is Marshall's tube preamp rack mount unit that you know will give you dirty and distorted.  Tweak out on all the EQ controls. Two OD channels, and two clean channels! 
You need MIDI? You got MIDI control!  If you don't need MIDI, you still have MIDI. Who knows? MIDI may need you someday.

Now that you're plugged into the Marshall preamp, its time to push that through to your Mesa-Boogie  20/20 Dyna Watt Power Amp.  What happens then? Behold the power of Mesa-Boogie's rack mount technology! Two pairs of EL-84s power this monstrosity to give you blazing tone if it's set to clean. Hear the warmth of tube power that can give you the fullest comfy cleans to the full sonic assault of gain and distortion that has made Mesa-Boogie famous. 

What just happened? That's the sound of the right the beasts working together to give you the most massive of tones.  Now it's just time to riff and shred away.

They are encased in a high quality Grundorf rack mount case for safe transporting.  All of the original paperwork is included as well.  We thought about separating everything and selling them individually, but it's way cooler as a single rig, ready to go.

Both of these units are in great condition and come together in this incredible not edible package!  Unless you have jaws of steel, which you may develop by playing this. 

**We will not break them up, sold as pictured only.