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Used Martin 000-18GE Golden Era 1937 Acoustic Guitar Mahogany Back/Sides

$ 2,939.99

Made in 2012, this is great deal on one of these fine instruments. This used Martin 000-18GE 1937 is in great shape, and has that Martin sound. There was a small crack repair on the bass side of the bridge, that was expertly repaired by our guitar repair team here at Truetone Music.

It includes a set up and the OHSC.

Few of us will ever get a chance to play - let alone own - a 1930s Martin guitar, which is what makes the Martin 000-18 Golden Era 1937 acoustic guitar such a special instrument. Pre-WWII (the "Golden Era") Martin guitars are prized for their distinctly organic tone and craftsmanship, and routinely sell for tens of thousands of dollars. The 000-18 Golden Era 1937 brings you the look and feel of a classic Martin, complete with period-correct touches like the Golden Era style bracing pattern, and historically accurate headstock. And with a solid mahogany body topped with Adirondack spruce, the tone of the 000-18 Golden Era 1937 is pure Martin goodness.


Martin 000-18 Golden Era 1937 Acoustic Guitar at a Glance:

Martin's Golden Era

Auditorium body style

Timeless combination of mahogany and spruce

Martin's Golden Era

Martin guitars from the "Golden Era" (pre-World War II) are some of the most prized and coveted instruments on the planet. The 000-18 Golden Era 1937 embodies the spirit of those classic guitars with top-grade tonewoods and period-correct touches (like 1934-style bracing with cloth side strips). And the sound is rich yet detailed, with incredible focus and balanced tonality.


Auditorium body style

The forward, balanced tone of the 000-18 Golden Era 1937 comes from its Auditorium body style. This body style provides excellent projection and focus, perfect for competing with a banjo (which was a common combination in the '30s). The Auditorium body style also gives you well-balanced tone, making the 000-18 Golden Era 1937 perfect for recording in your studio.


Timeless combination of mahogany and spruce

Classic Martin guitars from the Golden Era used Adirondack spruce tops and solid mahogany backs and sides to create enchanting tone, and you'll find the same premium tonewood combination on the Martin 000-18 Golden Era 1937. Chosen as much for its look as its tone, solid Adirondack spruce has a wide tonal range with excellent projection. And because it's a solid-wood top, the tone of your 000-18 Golden Era 1937 will age gracefully, with enhanced harmonics and greater tonal balance as the years go by.


Martin 000-18 Golden Era 1937 Acoustic Guitar Features:

Acoustic guitar based on the pre-WWII (the "Golden Era") 000-18 model

Color: Natural

Adirondack spruce top for impeccable tone that will enhance with age

Solid mahogany back and sides add tonal depth and sustain

Period-correct 1934 top bracing for classic tone