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Used RedPlate MagicDust Duo Guitar Amp Head With Matching 1x12" Guitar Amp Cabinet

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Used And Vintage Amps

RedPlate stands out among a select few guitar amp makers who craft each unit by hand-wiring components; eschewing printed circuit boards and automated soldering.  Established in 2006 in Phoenix, each amp is designed and built with meticulous attention to layout and lead dress. Their priority is to perfect the clean tones and create an amp that sings.

We just took in this fantastic previously owned MagicDust rig - we've had combos here, but this is the first head & cab for us, and we couldn't be more impressed.  The amp produces maximum bloom and sustain on the clean tones with incredible harmonics and overtones.  For those in need of a Dumble-style 100 watt powerhouse, this is an excellent score. These are very hard to find and a favorite amongst fans of high-quality, boutique tube amps.

The head & cab are both in exceelent condition - it's obvious that the previous owner took great care of it.  Footswitch and extra long cable included.   For more info and specs, just scroll down for details.

***Due to the size and weight of the full rig, this is not eligible for free shipping and has been marked as for local pickup only.  If you are interested in having it shipped to you, please contact us directly for a quote prior to purchasing***



Drive #1 section:  can control the amount of character to add to the clean tone. The section’s range of effect can be just a hint of early break up or a full on aggressive heavy metal distortion.

Drive # 2 section:  because the amplifier sections are in series left to right, this section can be driven by the clean channel or the output of Drive #1. The section’s range of effect is amazingly flexible because of its dedicated tone controls.

Master secion:  – The presence circuit uses global negative feedback to remove low frequencies which frees up bandwidth for more midrange and highs. Think of it as a tone control to balance the relationship between highs and lows, especially when the amplifier is naturally producing increased low end at louder volumes. The control clicks off when rotated to zero for no presence    The master volume is an active control and actually adds gain at the higher settings. The cleanest tones are achieved at settings below 7.


  -  Typical High impedance input to the amplifier. Designed to be “Pedal Friendly” in the event you use a pedal in front of the MagicDust.

  -  The Clean Preamp is based on the classic Tweed Style design with some important differences:

1. Get into the “sweet spot” and still be able to play at various volume levels and venue sizes.

2. Imitate the more traditional Treble Middle Bass style amps when needed.

3. Footswitch control of preamp Tone (Boost) for instant personality changes.

4. Select the amount of Bass gain appropriate to your guitar choice (via Humbucker/Single coil switch covered in the Rear Panel Section of this manual).

5. Fully buffered FX loop.

  -  Bright Switch – Center = OFF, Down = sound of new strings, Up = normal Bright response.

  -  Volume – Sets the “sweet spot” – adjust this for the amount of character you desire in your tone. Typical setting is between 3 and 5 but experimentation is encouraged.

  -  Tone – Treble is emphasized at settings past 5, more bass at the lower numbers. When rotated to zero it clicks off for a full tone lift. The tone lift can also be accessed instantly via the Boost button on the footswitch (see the Other Features section of this manual for details).

  -  Mode Selector – A six position rotary switch, it steps through 6 progressively fatter positions of midrange and girth. The fattest Tweed setting is position 6.