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Used Thermionic Culture The Solo Vulture Distortion Rack Mount Unit

SKU 89TMC000
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Do you want a wide range of distorted tones, even add upper octaves, that are actually tube-driven, then here's The Thermionic Culture The SOLO Vulture Distortion Rack Mount Unit! 

Versatile Use
This unit has Input Gain from 5-35db, low input gain for studio/home with up 35db of input gain for stage.  This amazing unit can not only be used for guitar or bass but many other instruments including violin. It features two channels, clean and dirty, and can be changed via footswitch. The clean channel is active so you can switch between channels and not have drastic volume differences.

Warm Tone With Plenty of Range
This tube-driven distortion unit gives you plenty of range. You switch between Trimode and Pentode, as well as Squish 1 (SQ1), a crazy distortion that adds additional compression, and Squish (SQ 2), which adds an upper octave to the signal. You can change the Bias as well, which changes the characteristics of this distortion. Low Bias gives you burly leads while a higher Bias will be more crunchy. You can change the prescence to affect mids/high-mids, which can be used with the Low Pass filter to add cut and fatness. The Solo Vulture features a very useful Mid-Lift control which relates to the musical notes, you can dial it into a key. 

This multifaceted unit can do anything and it sounds warm and expressive. This unit is in good condition. 

S/N SV100120 

Please check out the pics closely for imperfections.

This unit is in good condition and sounds great!

***Please note this listing is for the unit only***